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Family Resilience Cohort

Går en tur

FamilieTrivsels’ Family Cohort includes 1000 pregnant women and their respective families. The cohort was established in November 2019 by the Department of General Practice at the University of Copenhagen. 100 general practices in the Capital and Zealand regions recruited 1000 pregnant women at their first antenatal examination. 99%. of pregnant women in Denmark attend at least one of their planned pregnancy examinations, which has given FamilieTrivsel the unique opportunity to create a representative cohort of pregnant Danish women, their partners and their children in Denmark.

The purpose of the ‘FamilieTrivsel’ project is to strengthen the focus on mental health during preventative antenatal and child examinations, while simultaneously researching the benefits of providing a supportive web-based intervention for the families.

Data collection is in progress: We collect data on the family’s well-being throughout the pregnancy and until the child is 2.5 years old. The parents answer a series of questions related to their family life, relationship, physical and mental health, in order to paint a good picture of the joint and individual well-being of the parents. We also collect information about the child’s well-being, including their motor-skills cognitive, social- and emotional development.

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